5 Memorable Video Game Characters Who Need To Return

4. Roman Bellic - GTA IV

4803-gta-iv-screenshot Roman Bellic is the deluded cousin of Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto IV. Roman is well established in Liberty City before Niko arrives, running a failing taxi firm and running up gambling debts to all kinds of unsavoury characters. Roman plays a particularly important part in the plot of GTA IV and depending on the decision of the player, he can end up on the wrong end of a drive by shooting. Most players would likely make the choice that has him killed. Why, you ask? Well... The new cell phone feature in GTA IV made it so that the player could establish relationships with NPCs, whom you could call up to go on a date, or do an activity, such as going to a bar and getting drunk or grabbing a bite to eat and playing darts. What the phone also did, was allow them to call YOU. All of a sudden players were bombarded with phone calls from Roman asking them to go bowling. Something which has become a bit of an internet sensation since. Like the tenor from the Go-Compare advertisements, he's fat, he's annoying and you sure won't forget him. Although he was annoying, he is the kind of comic relief that a Grand Theft Auto game needs. The series thrives on characters like Roman, and hopefully GTA V will have more like him come september.
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