5 Most Disappointing Boss Battles In Gaming

MDFB2 There are some extremely enjoyable video games out there, with some of the most deep, detailed, intimidating, imaginative, intelligent, and sometimes even symbolic antagonists. The antagonist is the device used in stories for video games, novels, and films to progress deeper into the plot. Why, without the antagonist, there would be no conflict for the majority of video games as a whole! But, let's be honest, sometimes the final encounter with these baddies can be extremely dull. Sometimes defeating the main antagonist can amount to a single button press, or worse! In this list, we will be looking at some of the most anticlimactic and outright disappointing video game antagonist defeats. So, when you're ready to join me on this adventure of video game dissatisfaction and mediocrity, let's begin...

5. Lucien Fairfax - Fable 2


Taking the dishonorable fifth spot on this list is the man who murdered your sister, literally worked millions of men and women to death, killed your dog, kidnapped the three heroes, and shot you twice, once as a child and once as an adult. Why did he do all of this? He was attempting to reconstruct the Tattered Spire in order to gain a single wish: to bring his wife and daughter back to life. Over the course of the entire game, Lucien and his forces constantly hound Sparrow, the protagonist, in an attempt to kill him. He does this because he knows that you are destined to stop him, as you are the fourth hero. As previously mentioned, he murders your sister and blasts you out of a window from the top floor of Fairfax Manor, as a child. Unfortunately for him, you don't die.


Finally, once you've ascended to the peak of the Tattered Spire, you are face to face with Lucien himself. After all of your hard work in building a powerful character, after all of the trouble this man has caused you, you will finally get a chance to do battle with the main antagonist. First, you must activate the music box to disrupt his concentration, once all of the three heroes are free from his grasp, you may take your shot! Then he falls to his death. No, I'm not joking. He doesn't come back, and he's never heard from again. That was the last story-related enemy in the game. Congratulations. Alternatively, you can let Reaver, the Hero of skill kill him which is even more unsatisfying.

Greetings! I am David, also known as the "Unsatisfied Analyst". I'm a fan of video games and, while enjoying the majority that I play, I am very critical of flaws and feel that they need to be addressed just as often as the positives are praised. I appreciate any constructive feedback that you have to offer.