5 Must Have Video Games Released In October

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It's October, everyone! A brand new month with brand new video game releases. We're moving towards the game-heavy November times, with next-gen adding to the wallet-stretching end of the year. However, next gen isn't where all the good games live, and October shows that current gen still has a lot of life left in it, and a lot of love left to give. The monster release of GTA V has been and gone, and while the ramifications of that unbridled success will live on for a while, you can't deny that there are some other great games coming out in October. So, let's look at the biggest releases of the month, as we journey into a release schedule of costumed crusaders, spooky spirits and an old monster friend. But first off, speaking of GTA V...

5. GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto OnlinePlatforms: X360, PS3 Release: 1st Oct (worldwide) GTA V promises to keep a hold on your X360/PS3 profile screen, as GTA Online releases on October 1st. A vibrant, living Los Santos where 16 players can co-exist, race together, rob together, live together, or troll each other. It sounds almost too good to be true. Rockstar has also promised constant support for GTA Online, adding content and potentially locations at a later date. GTA Online represents an immense realisation of Rockstar's vision, and the best thing is that it's free for people with a copy of GTA V. Although GTA Online releases Oct 1st, it is unclear whether it will work on the day. Servers will be swamped after all, with people eager to dive into the online experience. I have faith that Rockstar will have adequately prepared for the demand, but it would be no surprise if GTA Online takes a while to calm down.

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