5 Reasons Afterparty Is The Best Game Of 2019 You Never Played

You'll have a hell of a hangover after this.

Nighty School

I think we can all agree that 2019 was a garbage fire of a year, and we're all happy to put it behind us and get on with deluding ourselves that 2020 will actually be any better. It's our year, damn it!

Despite all that nonsense, 2019 had some pretty killer games. Resident Evil 2, Sekiro, Death Stranding, Control, and how could we forget, the MVP, Untitled Goose Game. Also, Kingdom Hearts 3 happened.

Unfortunately, one game seems to have flown under so many of your collective radars (for shame). A little game called Afterparty from Night School, the same studio that brought us that lovely indie darling, Oxenfree, back in 2016.

And, honestly, there are so many reasons to play this game - one of which is that it's on Game Pass, so you've got precisely zero goddamn excuses not to (providing you're on Xbox One, of course).

6. It's Good, Stupid Fun

Nighty School

If you're familiar with Night School's last outing then you're in for a surprise if you're expecting the same tone as Oxenfree. Afterparty is a big departure in that sense as Night School's version of hell is surprisingly pleasant. You won't get the horror of Oxenfree, nor the drama - well, at least not in such hefty doses.

Afterparty is a bonkers, off the wall, weird-as-hell comedy through and through. Really, how could it not be when your sole objective is to get s***faced and out drink satan?

The game is very much reminiscent of the kind of fun of old LucasArts adventure games, just far more accessible.

Although the mechanics remain pretty much unchanged since Oxenfree, one fun addition is that the drinks you imbibe in the ninth circle have some interesting effects - other than getting you balls to the wall wasted, that is. A personal favourite is a beverage that has you talking like a jazz age Fitzgerald character.

Damn skippy, old sport.

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