5 Reasons Assassin's Creed 4 Will Feel More Like Assassin's Creed 2

xl_assassins-creed-4-box-600x300 You turn on your gaming console (or PC). You look through your library to find what world will you explore today. Something catches your eye. It's the complete Assassin's Creed series staring right back at you. You choose to play the third game (the fifth really) because the control scheme made it almost unbearable to play the other ones. While you are exploring the frontier, or the cities, you have this feeling of nostalgia all of sudden. This feeling is very familiar, so you eject ACIII while prepping your mind for the control scheme. You put AC2 in your disc tray, because no other game has that spark like ACII does. You start the game to make sure the spark is there. Yes! The spark is still there. The music, the scenery, the outfit. All there!!! Yet, another feeling creeps up on you. Will any other Assassin's Creed game recapture this magic? More importantly, will Black Flag be able to recapture this magic? If you are like me, you had the same thing happen to you before. You also love the series as much as I do. We both know that each game in the series are great games if you judge them with standard gaming criteria. However, judge them with Assassin's Creed criteria, and many of them fall short. Only AC and AC2 truly stands out. Let me just say, I love AC3. It deserves its place to as a numbered entry. I also think no future AC game can capture ACII's magic completely because each game should and will have it's own identity. But there is still hope!! In this article I will list 5 reasons why Black Flag will have more of that magical feel that has been absent since Ezio's debut.

Even though my opinion may come off as fact just remember:Nothing is true and everyrhing is permitted.