5 Reasons Assassin's Creed 4 Will Feel More Like Assassin's Creed 2

5. Music

I am not sure who will be the composer for Black Flag. It will most likely be Jesper Kyd or Lorne Balfe since they both worked with series already. Jesper was responsible for the composing of the magnifcent music in AC2 and Brotherhood. Lorne Balfe was responsible for composing the music in Revelations (he actually worked along Kyd) and ACIII. If you felt that the last two installments lacked that special touch in music Brotherhood and its predecessor had, just refer back to my last sentence. You will notice that as soon as Balfe got involved, the music was severely lacking. While I have no doubt he is good at his job (I personally enjoyed the Temple Doors theme) he is just not right for the Creed. The setting didn't help either. Fiddles can be pretty dull and even then they were only heard when entering taverns. However, I did see a demo for ACIV and the music was significantly better. One could infer that Kyd or someone new has taken the helm(pun intended). Just keep Lorne far away from it.

Even though my opinion may come off as fact just remember:Nothing is true and everyrhing is permitted.