5 Truly Insane Video Game Theories (That Are Clearly True)

Turning Far Cry 3 on its head.

Far Cry 3 Vaas

Video games owe a lot to their stories.

Often the most overlooked part of the experience, a cinematic story is sometimes skipped to get down to the action, and a more emergent narrative can be overlooked entirely. And while some games can go to great lengths to explain or further mystify their worlds and stories, they will always leave room for players' imaginations to go wild. Be it finding plausible ways to fill in major plot holes or working out the exact origins of something as minor as a health-pickup, the internet has been throwing around theories about their favourite games for as long as the medium has existed.

Some theories feel ridiculous enough to be worth nothing more than a chuckle, and some are so slight and meticulous that you wonder why the author isn't working for a major intelligence agency.

But there is that are kind of gaming theory; the kind that seems to make just so much sense that the developers must have had the exact same idea in mind...

5. Portal 2 - Chell Is Cave And Caroline's Daughter

Far Cry 3 Vaas

Portal 1 & 2 are generally regarded as two of the greatest video games ever made. Quite the feat for what started off as a miniscule production designed by less than 20 people. A large amount of Portal’s appeal and fan following however, stems not from it’s signature portal based gameplay, but from its host of unique and colourful characters.

It’s surprising then, that Portal’s least fleshed out character is its protagonist, Chell. Portal’s mysteriously mute hero, she has been given hardly any concrete backstory in the world of Portal. At least, not officially. Enter this theory, one supposing that Chell is none other than the Daughter of Aperture Science founder Cave Johnson and Caroline, more famously known as the basis for GLaDOS’ AI.

With evidence including Chell’s name being found on an Aperture ‘bring your kid to work day’ science project, GLaDOS’ strangely maternal instincts towards Chell, and Cave and Caroline’s sketchy-but-believably intimate relationship.

One theory of many to be found in the Portal series, and perhaps the one with the most evidence in favour of it’s believability, it would go far in fleshing out Portal’s unfortunately least interesting character.

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