5 Truly Insane Video Game Theories (That Are Clearly True)

4. Super Smash Bros. - All The Characters Are Toys

Far Cry 3 Vaas

While Super Smash Bros has been enjoyed by millions, becoming an iconic fighting game franchise, nobody has ever thought to question exactly why these characters can all interact.

Until this theory rolled along, that is.

The reason being, as theorised and speculated by fans, is that the various characters forming the roster of SSB are actually a collection of toys owned by an imaginative child. A theory supported by the fact that the series’ main antagonist (and apparent an architect) is the aptly named ‘Master Hand’, and that all instalments to date have included collections of the game’s fighters in plastic toy form.

Far from unbelievable, this is one cute little theory that adds some unnecessary-but-appreciated context to the game, and makes Snake throwing an honest-to-god hand grenade at Luigi feel that bit less ridiculous.

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