5 Video Games That Did DLC Right (And 5 That Ripped You Off)

All add-ons are not created equal.

Red dead redemption

DLC can be a divisive subject among gamers at times. Some claim it only serves to improve the game, whereas others claim it is nothing but developers trying to get more money out of the players.

Which is right? Well, both, actually.

Some game developers use DLC as a way of making their games better, taking an already great game packed to the brim with content, before adding extra playtime for a reasonable price. New content that could not be included in the base game because it would make the game feel oversaturated, or because it simply didn't mesh well with everything else and needed its own separate release to justify it being a part of the same game.

Then there are the game developers whose DLC could arguably be considered something closer to a scam. Those who take content that very well could have been included in the base game and sell it separately, just for the sake of playing their audience for a little extra cash.

This is made even worse if the base game felt unfinished to begin with or just wasn't very good. Indeed, there are two sides to the DLC coin, and these are just five examples of each.

10. Right - Dishonored

Red dead redemption
Arkane Studios

The DLC for Dishonored added a bit of a twist, giving players the opportunity to play as one of the game's antagonists, Daud; the master assassin who killed the Empress and had Corvo framed.

Playing through this new perspective, you learn exactly what Daud's reasons were, his own personal demons and his road to (potential) redemption. The Brigmore Witches expansion puts you in the shoes of Daud yet again, as you battle wits with the powerful Delilah Copperspoon.

These DLC packs enrich the lore of the series, all while not being necessary to play to get the information within them. The major plot points resurface in Dishonored 2, filling those who neglected to play the DLC in on the details.

Moreover, those who bought their copies of Dishonored 2 early on were given Dishonored: Definitive Edition, which included the first game and all add-ons in their entirety for free. So, those who wanted to go back and get the full experience were gifted the opportunity to do so.

Arkane and Bethesda not only know how to make great DLC, but also exactly how to treat their fans.


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