5 Ways To Make Nintendo Stand Out In The Upcoming Generation

Super Smash Bros Brawl Last week Nintendo released a press statement about the current state of their console. If you've followed the story of the Wii U since the day it was announced you might have seen this coming, and predicted that the console isn't doing well on sales and that it will take a lot for Nintendo to make a profit out of it. However that might not be as hard as you might think, with Watch Dogs, Arkham Origins and the new Super Smash Brothers incoming, as well as the support it has from many developers and its growing fanbase. With small and smart effort they might recover from these low months. However, that might not last for too long, seeing how the response for the 2DS was mostly negative and with the Xbox One and the PS4 right around the corner things might be a bit troublesome in the upcoming months for Nintendo. Sure, they will still have a growing fanbase and, as I said, many of the recent announcements they've had are helping a lot with the problems they've had however once the new consoles come out they're definitely going to take a big blow. Things could get even rose considering that many gamers still consider Nintendo consoles to be only for the kids, and once those consoles come out I predict that a huge amount of gamers will most likely end up making annoying comments about what's the best console for real and hardcore gamers. And while this won't directly affect the console I predict that a lot of people who might consider buying this console will take those comments into consideration. But to be fair those comments were also made when the Wii was released and it still sold pretty well. Will they recover from this? Of course - they always do. However, in the end they won't stand out in this generation either, and if they want to do it and be the giant they used to be during the early days of the console wars they'll have to do something extraordinary. Here are 5 suggestions to what Nintendo could do if they want to be the biggest threat possible for Sony and Microsoft.
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