5 Ways To Make Nintendo Stand Out In The Upcoming Generation

5. Invest More On Games

Watch Dogs Creed As of today Ubisoft is one of the companies that has supported the most to the Nintendo Console, by bringing to them some of the most awaited games to their console as well as taking advantage of the capabilities that the console has with the second screen and not making it any less impressive than in the competition. The Wii U needs support like that, since their library of games isn't as big or as impressive as the ones from the other consoles. I'm not going to take that much credit from them, since they do know that quality is over quantity. However, in a market like this they must know that they should release much more and create some serious competition for the other companies. Situations like this really piss me off especially when they have a good opportunity to take advantage of the games they have. Or, as I'm about to show you, about the games they could have. Let's take Eternal Darkness for example, this game is one of those gems in the Game Cube library. It was the first M-rated game for the Nintendo console and the concepts and gameplay it had, as well as the voice acting completely turned this already awesome game into an incredible experience for everyone who owned a GameCube. Fast forward 11 years and you'll see that the SECOND Kickstarter for this game's sequel has failed again. I mean, seriously Nintendo, you have the sequel to one of the best games you've had, a sequel to one of the games that most people kindly remember and they need to Kickstart it? Hell, they're even giving priority to the Wii U by releasing it first to their console and then to Sony and Microsoft. In a case like this what they should do is going with them and say "Here's a million dollars, but make it an exclusive." Something like that would definitely motivate a lot of people into buying the console. And speaking of which...
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