5 Ways Naughty Dog Can Avoid Killing Uncharted

3. It Is Not Uncharted Without Drake And Elena

Uncharted lost legacy
Naughty Dog

"This thieving world is huge. To say the Uncharted world is done... I doubt that highly."

Judging by Escayg's choice of words, it appears Naughty Dog do not understand what made Uncharted truly special.

Yes, the spectacles, the globe-trotting adventures, and the heated competitions to see who would discover the lost cities and steal the treasure first, were all fun. Yet, if that's all Uncharted was, then it would be indistinguishable from Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider. The series would not have had any charm, and it would have merely blended in with the countless other shoot-'em-ups.

Uncharted was not a world; there was no lore to dive into. Moreover, it was not about an abundance of individual thieves.

Instead, it was always about Drake and Elena's relationship: Drake's Fortune had them falling in love; Among Thieves was about their romance being rekindled; and A Thief's End focused on them properly maturing as a couple and learning to be entirely honest.

Without these narrative threads, Uncharted would not be as renowned as it is. A franchise like Tomb Raider can be rebooted endlessly because it is merely about Lara Croft exploring the world and tombs.

Meanwhile, Uncharted told a story which was completed when Drake and Elena became parents.


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