5 Weirdest Endings In Tekken Video Games

What on Earth were Namco's teams thinking?!

Tekken 5: Lee Chaolan’s ending

The Tekken franchise is perhaps best-known as being one of the first fighting games to foray into the 3D world. Add in now-genre staples such as blocking, grappling, ground fighting and stage breaks, and it’s easy to see why this series has become one of the best-selling video game franchises ever.

In nearly every game since, Tekken has offered an insight as to what each character would do should they win the titular King of Iron Fist Tournament, in the form of a brief cutscene. These cutscenes are revered by fans, and range from the serious and demoralising to the outright campy and wacky.

In recent years, the franchise has leaned more on the latter when showing each character realise their wildest dreams and well… some are just outright odd.

With that in mind, here are a few of the weirdest character endings in the Tekken franchise:

5. Lee Chaolan’s Ending - Tekken 5

After defeating all the enemies before you as Lee, you’re treated to one of the most “out-there” endings in the series. In Lee’s ending in Tekken 5, we see him chilling poolside, surrounding by a variety of bikini-clad women. Lee himself is modestly dressed in a stylish banana hammock, as one of these women rubs suntan oil on his legs.

Lee summons his waiter, who is also wearing nothing but a bowtie and a modest pair of Speedos. Interesting style choice. It’s then revealed that this hulking servant is none other than series antagonist, Heihachi Mishima. What makes this revelation even weirder is that Heihachi is Lee’s adoptive father.

Lee orders his drinks, and as Heihachi turns to fulfil his master’s wish, he grumbles like the cranky old sod he is (bear in mind the man is mid-seventies at this point, although you wouldn’t guess from those glutes). Lee threatens his old man with a remote control, which begins to make Heihachi’s explosive bowtie tick. The geriatric envisages his detonation, and quickly scurries off to bring Lee back his drinks. Fin.

I mean, resenting Heihachi for an unloving childhood is completely understandable, but dressing him up in a bowtie, a banana hammock and little more than a smile is a bit creepy. Talk about daddy issues…

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