50 Greatest Games Of This Generation

49. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

49 Deus ExPlatforms: PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 Release Date: 26 August, 2011 The Deus Ex series first arrived in 2000 but didn€™t see another release outside of the 2003 sequel until Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The game acted as a precursor to the original title keeping up the tradition of involving role-playing, shooter, stealth and adventure elements. Scenarios can be overcome in a variety of ways. Stealth could be used to sneak around enemies and hack your way past security, combat allows for gunfights while social abilities can get players access to areas without the need to overcome obstacles directly. The storyline was immersive and open ended with a host of possible ways to complete each section. Overall Human Evolution gave players the freedom to play the game exactly how they wanted without punishment.

48. Just Dance

48 Just DancePlatforms: Nintendo Wii Release Date: 27 November, 2009 Another game that helped to highlight the fun factor of the Nintendo Wii. Just Dance is far from a hardcore game and is best played with friends. Perfect for kids (and adults if alcohol is involved) it€™s a party game in the vein of Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Many serious gamers will dismiss Just Dance as a silly casual game. Many critics agreed and the game received a very mixed reception when released. But it has proven to be very popular due to one reason. It can be a lot of fun. And in a generation filled with games that have focused more on storytelling and drama it is important to remember that games don€™t always have to be realistic and gritty. They can also focus on giving players a good time.

47. Journey

47 JourneyPlatforms: PlayStation 3 Release Date: 14 March, 2012 Simply put Journey is a game that has to be played. The mysterious experience is set in a beautiful world that begs to explored throughout. You control an anonymous figure wrapped in a red robe and scarf who must make their way towards a mountain. This scarf is your source of power and is charged by collecting pieces of cloth scattered in the world. The rather ethereal game is no more obvious than when you are joined by other random players who remain unnamed but can help you with the easy going puzzles. The story is told well even without text and dialogue. Despite being only 4 hours long Journey is game everyone should try. It is one of the few truly unique titles of this generation.
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