50 Greatest Games Of This Generation

46. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

46 SkyrimPlatforms: PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 Release Date: 11 November, 2011 Skyrim carried on the Elder Scrolls series with an adventure involving Dragons. As with previous games Skyrim takes place in a massive open world with a large number of different classes, skills and abilities. Combat was once again split between weapons and magic, with the combat system overhauled to much easier and smoother to play. The great strength of the Elder Scrolls however has always been the side quests, such as the Dark Brotherhood and the numerous factions. Skyrim is essentially the biggest and most complete RPG that was released this generation. But its bugs (especially on the PS3 version) and it lack of personality put it further down on this list than it could have achieved.

45. Bayonetta

45 BayonettaPlatforms: PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 Release Date: 8 January, 2010 It wasn€™t the story or the character depth that made Bayonetta stand out. It was its intense action along with distinctive and stylish graphics. The combat in this hack and slash title was smooth, fast and flowed brilliantly between enemies. Rewarding players for €œflair€, Bayonetta asks you to kill hordes of angels with special combos and torture attacks. While difficult to master fully it feels like a massive accomplishment when you get that A+ rating on harder difficulties. Overall Bayonetta manages to have distinguishing visuals, humorous content and challenging but rewarding gameplay. Most importantly though it is very, very fun.

44. Left 4 Dead

44 Left 4 DeadPlatforms: Xbox 360 Release Date: 21 November 2008 Zombie games were something of an epidemic during this generation. They are everywhere. But Left 4 Dead broke the mould by being an excellent shooter in a zombie setting. Playing as one of four survivors you must use teamwork and strategy to fight off the infected horde. Although it can be played offline, the game really comes into its own when played co-operatively: you will need your teammates to revive you when incapacitated, protect you when vulnerable and fight with you when overwhelmed. Valve has a somewhat unwarranted reputation for not releasing games; in fact, you€™ll see another two games from the developer in this list later on. In Left 4 Dead they produced an outstanding co-op shooter with some of the best moments you can have online with friends this generation.
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