6 Awesome Game Over Screens Worth Dying For

5. Batman Arkham Series - Unique Enemy Taunts

Conker's Bad Fur Day

The Batman: Arkham series got a hell of a lot right. Sure, the final instalment of the series had its fair share of Batmobile shaped flaws, but one consistent little benefit to the series was the plethora of unique villainous taunts and clips that signed off each game over.

Lose to Killer Croc in Origins? Be rewarded with a POV of him rearing forward to tear your throat out. How about failing to protect the GCPD in Arkham Knight? Enjoy a neat little ending that sees gunmen burst in on Oracle and slaughter everyone in the building. How about you mess up the riddler puzzle with Catwoman? You get to watch her panic as the bomb in her neck detonates, hope you don’t feel too guilty about that!

The best of the bunch have to be Joker’s though. In particular, his panicked shouting when you die in Arkham Knight, knowing that as you die, he dies too.

‘Ooops! You’re dead! Wait, does that mean I’m dead?! GET UP BRUCE! GET UP!!!’

The hundreds of different endings play to another of the Arkham series’ strengths, it’s incredible, B:TAS infused voice cast.


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