6 Dumbest Ways Video Game Publishers Tried To Get Your Money

A Collector's Edition WITHOUT the game? Sounds like EA.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Unless you're getting your video games from parts of the internet we don't talk about, chances are you've forked out a good $60 for the newest releases.

With pretty much all modern releases, there are various different tiers or 'editions' to choose from. From the base game with no frills whatsoever, all the way through to the top-of-the-line plastic tat priced at far more than it cost to manufacture, you could end up throwing a ton of money at something retailing at a much lower cost.

However, some publishers try to squeeze just that little bit more from you. Be it through flamboyant pre-order bonuses, in-game content you will never see unless you drop twice the asking price, paywalls for the sake of paywalls, or simply begging you to cough up.

These six instances of publishers reaching at your wallets, will have you reeling in fear.

6. PUBG's Sanhok Event Pass

Mass Effect Andromeda

In the beginning, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was king. Then Fortnite rocked up, and knocked it off the battle royale throne. As a free-to-play title, Fortnite of course has some in-game purchases to keep the game funded.

The infamous 'Battle Pass' being one of them, unlocking an extra tier of loot and cosmetics throughout the course of a season. It's a popular approach recently imitated in titles like Rocket League, but when PUBG Corp attempted to bolt one onto the release of their third map Sanhok, it didn't go down well.

For a title that isn't free to play (setting you back around £30), adding a cosmetics pass didn't bode well with the players. Also, unlike the Fortnite and Rocket League passes, there were no unlockables for those not purchasing the £7.99 pass. Instead, everyone was given access to the pass' progression and cosmetic unlocks, only until the event ended. If you bought the pass, you kept everything you unlocked. If not, poof.

Anything unlocked during the pass was gone.

It was no surprise players didn't buy into this event pass, they were more concerned with the fact PUBG Corp were attempting to cash in rather than fix their buggy, moderately unplayable game.


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