6 Fake Video Game "Secrets" That Totally Fooled You

You can TOTALLY turn into a ghoul in Fallout 3...

Fallout 3 Ghoul

Considering how popular video game Easter eggs and secrets have become, with developers tucking plenty of hidden tidbits into their games that only the most die-hard fans manage to uncover, either purposefully or accidentally, it's no surprise that there have been just as many fake ones perpetuated to make a fool of curious players. From the so called "Nude Raider" cheat to being able to catch Mew hiding under a truck in Pokemon, some of these fake secrets have become the stuff of legend - more popular than the ones actually included in these releases.

However, you might have thought that with easy access to the internet, the ability to fool players would have died out. Not quite. Unlimited information has only led to tricksters becoming even more sophisticated with their ruses, and searches online only leading to contradictory conclusions on whether or not a popular "secret" is real or fake.

It's only gotten more difficult with time, and no matter how old you are, or how finely-tuned you think your bulls**t detectors are, there'll no doubt be one of these joke Easter eggs that totally took you for a ride.

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