6 Fake Video Game "Secrets" That Totally Fooled You

6. Petting The Pig Gets You Better Gear - Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter

Video games don’t always work on regular logic. The industry has cultivated fans who have fully accepted that, yeah, finding 10 Yorkshire puddings, talking to everyone in town and making a wish on a shooting star at the stroke of midnight is a totally reasonable solution to opening a locked wooden door in an adventure game.

Consequently, when the rumour was going around that petting Poogie the pig in Monster Hunter: World would increase your chance of nabbing rare loot, nobody batted an eyelid.

It turned out that this tip was just a little joke perpetuated by players, but for a while some did genuinely believe that it would increase their chances of getting better gear.

Even without the tangible boost it was supposed to give, it’s still a nice ritual to perform before you venture out on the hunt. Poogie deserves your love.

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