6 Fake Video Game "Secrets" That Totally Fooled You

5. Aeris Can Be Resurrected - Final Fantasy VII

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Easily the most iconic video game death of all time, nobody wanted to see Aeris go in Final Fantasy VII. Games didn’t just kill characters off like this back then, and it was a shock to the system to see such a beloved companion bite the dust. I cried, you cried, and one of the most emotional scenes of all time was immortalised in an instant.

That said, because this hadn’t ever really happened before, there was the belief that there must be some way to save her, or at least bring her back to life after the fact. There had to be, right?!

Consequently, for years rumours swirled about different ways that Aeris could be brought back from her grisly fate, be it by getting Tifa killed instead or rescuing her ghost in a church. Sadly, there was no actual way to revive your companion, and she was lost from your party forever.

While she was gone in the flesh (or, er, voxels) though, she remained in our hearts forever.

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