6 More Video Game Endings That Were Profoundly Insulting

5. Prey

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Prey is yet another in the ever growing list of video games whose endings were blighted by an irritatingly reductive binary decision. Prey is a first-person survival horror game that features some RPG and stealth elements set in an open world environment. A big part of Prey’s appeal is the ominous promise that decisions made throughout will have a large impact on the way the game ends (sound familiar, Bioware?) and throughout the majority of the game this works very well. You can choose how many people you bother saving, whether or not you kill or free a pretty bad dude, whether to help the cook, that sort of thing, all under the impression it will have knock on effects down the line.

Unfortunately the real end of the game boils down to a reductive question:

Good or evil, which are ya?

Well, actually Prey, there’s a great deal of nuance between the two, as you yourself have made the excellent point of exploring throughout the entire game up until this point. It left a lot of fans disappointed, and although it did at least make an effort to reference choices made, it smacked of the old Mass Effect 3 problem of promising an ending that it simply couldn’t deliver.


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