6 Reasons FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Suffers From The Same Old Problem

Another year another FIFA that fails to deliver and Ultimate Team once again remains the same.

EA Sports

FIFA 20 came under a lot of criticism from players across the board, and in particular its most popular mode of Ultimate Team has again come under scrutiny.

A new version of FIFA always brings fresh hope that the changes which were needed will be made to fix the game and provide a better experience for all. This year there is little competition for FIFA, with long-term rival Pro Evolution Soccer not releasing a new full title for the first time in decades. However, once again EA Sports has disappointed with their juggernaut of a football title.

Ultimate Team has very much taken over FIFA and is now a prominent feature in other EA Sports series such as Madden. You play matches, open player packs and build your Ultimate Team. It is simple enough, but the success of the mode has led to an even greater focus on Ultimate Team - often to the detriment of other areas within FIFA.

New features have been added and changes have been made to try and freshen things up this time around. Unfortunately, FIFA 21 and Ultimate Team still suffers from the same problems that the series did 12 months ago, and here are six reasons why.

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