6 Reasons FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Suffers From The Same Old Problem

5. The Gameplay Changes From Week To Week

EA Sports

While offline modes tend to play very similar throughout the year, the weekly updates in Ultimate Team mean the pace and feel of the gameplay can change from one week to the next.

Patches have become a feature in gaming over the last decade, in particular for titles which have online modes. It allows the developers to update as they go to fix any bugs or exploits which are only found from huge numbers playing at the same time.

Sports titles - and FIFA, in particular - are known for patches which are now rolled out on a weekly basis. While the option to fix problems during the year is good, the slight tweaks mean that each week the gameplay can feel completely different.

The pace can quicken or slow down, while different moves effectiveness can also regularly change. For a series that is aimed at being very competitive, it can be hugely frustrating if each week you feel like you are learning a new game.

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