6 Sports With No Good Video Game In Years

It's Shocking How Many Sports Get Shafted In Favour Of Identical FIFA Releases Every Year...

EA Sports

The sports genre is one of gaming’s most popular in terms of participation, only really rivalled by first person shooter bigshots such as the Call of Duty franchise. Games such as FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer in the UK and Madden in the USA dominate the bestseller charts throughout the year and indeed the only games that many casual console owners actually buy are the annual simulations of their favourite sport.

EA rule the roost with the aforementioned FIFA and Madden series, as well as their annual National Hockey League (NHL) and occasional Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) releases. Elsewhere, 2k Sports hold the licences for the National Basketball Association (NBA) and WWE wrestling, Sony have been exclusively making Major League Baseball (MLB) games for more than 20 years, Codemasters appeal to petrolheads with their Formula One releases and Big Ant have been quietly releasing solid cricketing games.

Aside from these mostly American-dominated sports, however, the market is somewhat lacking. Several other hugely popular physical activities from around the world are missing in action in the gaming world, with only the occasional title every few years if at all. To make matters worse, these are often terrible.

Here are six sports that deserve better on the Playstations and Xboxes of the world.


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