6 Things Watch Dogs 2 Does Better Than GTA V

GTA V is still the king, but Watch Dogs 2 edges it in some very important areas.

Watch dogs 2

This comparison is unavoidable as much as it is futile. GTA V was originally released on previous generation consoles, is three years older and had a bigger budget. The Rockstar-developed behemoth is still the obvious winner in the comparison between the two overall, but that doesn't mean that Ubisoft's underrated sequel doesn't stand a chance.

Watch Dogs 2 is more than a hipster/hacker variation of GTA V. While the first game was a huge letdown, the second is really fun and worth a shot.

Granted, the driving still sucks and the heroes break character more often than they should, but it's probably the most fun open-world game in years, and clearly one of the best mainstream titles out this year amongst some supremely divisive competition.

Here are six ways in which Watch Dogs 2 is actually better than GTA V.

6. The City Is A More Manageable Size

Watch dogs 2

As much as I loved exploring Los Santos and the countryside, they were just too big to really take in. While some people enjoy such a large and open world, I was afraid that actually too much was going on in Los Santos, and I wouldn't catch all of it.

To do that properly you need countless hours, and as both games are for mature gamers, it's rather obvious that working adults don't have that much time on their hands.

San Francisco in WD2 is condensed, which is understandable, but the city still feels authentic. As a guy from Poland who's never been there and knows only some of its landmarks, I've found driving through San Francisco - although driving in WD2 still needs some work to match that in GTA V - really fun.

It was really cool to visit real places, like Silicon Valley or Alcatraz, but the most memorable was driving through the Golden Gate Bridge.

Also, causing havoc around those places was fun as well.


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