6 Things Watch Dogs 2 Does Better Than GTA V

5. Racial Diversity


While characters of all races do appear in GTA V, Franklin is the only non-white character given more "on-screen" time, and his story arc is unable to conjure up any valuable racial observations.

He lives in the ghetto, then moves to the suburbs, but remains the same. Some might interpret that as “keepin' it real,” but for me that's lazy scriptwriting. More so, other characters actually change the way they speak when they address Franklin, as if he wasn't able to understand regular English, which in itself is kind of racist.

Don't get me wrong, I love Franklin, but he doesn't progress personally during the course of the game.

Marcus and Horatio on the other hand, proudly represent tech-savvy African Americans, which in itself is a minority within a minority. That is the reason why they immediately warm to each other. Horatio is especially notable, as he also changes the way he speaks to his white co-workers.

He acts and speaks "white," which should label him a 'sellout', but that's the only way for him to fit-in in a predominantly white environment of programmers - something the game tackles head-on in the brilliant 'Limp Nudle' mission.


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