6 Video Game Enemies Who Turned Into Allies

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Witcher 2 letho
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Mistaken identity, double-crossing, and the good ol' side-switch are tropes integral to any good vs. evil narrative, and for good reason.

Nothing makes for a better shock reveal or emotional character moment than an enemy turning out to be an ally, or vice versa.

The impact of this is felt even more so in video games, as recruiting the big bad who has been kicking your ass the entire playthrough over to your side can actually have a dramatic effect on both story and gameplay.

Who doesn’t love the feel-good vibes when your choices successfully convince the antagonist to join the good guys?

Unless you’re the kind of person who plays out your RPGs as a lunatic murder machine, that is, and are in fact the bad guy. To each their own! But if you’re the former, then settle in for a list of reformed baddies to add to your team for the final battle and beyond.

Naturally, SPOILERS lie ahead. You have been warned!

6. Patches - Bloodborne

Witcher 2 letho

A character fans of almost every FromSoftware game will recognise (none for you, though, Sekiro), this recurring trickster is likely remembered not-so-fondly across all incarnations.

In Lovecraftian dream-horror Bloodborne, Patches features as a humanoid spider who, upon first encounter, gifts the player a Tonsil Stone and encourages you to visit a particular location in the Cathedral Ward.

Unfortunately, this guy isn’t simply a kind stranger with a way off-base sense of what constitutes an appropriate present. If you do as he recommends, you’ll find yourself grabbed by a huge, terrifying Amygdala and transported to the lower floor of the Lecture Hall, with Patches cackling evilly in the background.

If that wasn’t enough, once you make your way through to the Nightmare Frontier, Patches turns up yet again in an attempt to lure you to your death and pushes you into a ditch. Thanks, mate!

You can confront the eight-legged nuisance in the Lecture Hall, and he can be fought and killed. However, if you choose to spare him he’ll give you a neat rune and later turn up as an exorbitantly-priced merchant within the Chalice Dungeons for your trouble. Talk about attempted murder and daylight robbery!

We’ll call Patches an ally, but you do get the feeling that he’s only helping you to save his own skin. Yharnam really takes all types.


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