6 Video Game Enemies Who Turned Into Allies

5. Mad Hatter - American McGee's Alice & Alice: Madness Returns

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What happens when your own mind turns against you? Unfortunately, Alice Liddel is familiar with this exact scenario. It’s happened to the poor girl twice already! Thankfully, the characters of your inner life can also return to your side, and the Mad Hatter does just this.

First featured in American McGee’s Alice, the character is initially hostile towards the player, attempting to kill Wonderland’s other inhabitants or turn them into automatons. After taunting and pursuing Alice earlier in the game, she eventually defeats him in a spectacular boss battle that ends with his head exploding.

Despite this, the Hatter is shown to be resurrected by the end of the game after defeating the Queen of Hearts, and is once again a docile ally.

In Alice: Madness Returns, the Mad Hatter is back again, having remained an ally. After Alice helps him repair his torn apart body, he helps lead her towards her goal and actively saves her from the Doormouse and the March Hare, averting a potential boss battle against a steampunk mecha and giving Alice a last piece of advice before dying alongside his former friends. Poor Hatter — but at least he ended up on the right side when it mattered.


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