6 Video Games You Can't Deny Would Be GREAT Movies

Get Michael Mando to reprise Vaas. DONE.

Vaas Far Cry 3

Every time a Hollywood studio announces plans to adapt a mainstream video game, gamers around the world exclaim their horror at the thought of a cynical cash-grab at something beloved to them. And rightly so; not many video game adaptations have been worthy of praise from the critics or fans, and that is troubling enough.

The assembly line of bad adaptations has left a rather ugly stain on Video Games expanding past their current platforms, and in the present days of comics, books and toys being adapted into mainstream films, it shouldn't be this exhausting.

So are studios picking the wrong games? Perhaps, but the problem lies more in the execution than the source material...

Every video game released in the last twenty years has the potential to be converted into an entertaining 90-minute flick that pays tribute to it's source material. We could dwell on past films that have failed to match up, but it can be far too upsetting and disappointing to think about at times.

Instead, let's see what we can do to with source material that hasn't been adapted yet, and maybe video games can finally ascend to the big screen platform properly...

6. Splinter Cell

Vaas Far Cry 3

Splinter Cell has been a video game franchise eyed by movie studios for quite some time. Google a movie adaptation of the series and you're sure to find some article from the early 2000's saying an actor has signed on to the role of Sam Fisher, or a studio has secured the rights to bring it to the big screen.

Live-action adaptations have felt so one-the-cards with this series that in 2005's Chaos Theory's marketing, a short twenty-second trailer was released that teased a feature-length film was coming to your local theatres very soon.

Thirteen years later... we're still waiting.

It's no surprise studios got cold feet; over the last decade video game movies have received a bad reputation and a game primarily set in the dark or behind a green filter isn't something that sells cinema seats very quickly.

But could Splinter Cell transcend and break the barrier in today's cinema? Providing the story is linear and easy to follow, the action set pieces a brief and brutal like the game, and a dedicated actor is willing to perform their own acrobatic stunts to perform Sam Fisher's legendary sneaking moves, we shouldn't have to worry too much.

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