6 Video Games You Can't Deny Would Be GREAT Movies

5. Heavy Rain

Vaas Far Cry 3
Quantic Dream

Murder-mystery thrillers aren't something new to mainstream cinema, and with a game that sold itself as an interactive storytelling experience set in contemporary America with the slightest pepper of Science-Fiction, it's almost astonishing that a studio hasn't already adapted this PlayStation classic.

Plans for a movie adaptation were in place long before the game's actual release; effectively making Heavy Rain a video game adaptation of a movie that never was.

But if the game is already one long cut-scene, and it's entirety is close to 10-hours, how do you make this into a movie? Take away the dream sequences, lose the plot threads involving fugue states, strip away flashbacks, and re-work the set pieces to include less gratuitous raunchy soft porn. Do all this and we've got a tight 2 hour flick ready and waiting to be made.

In the days of modern entertainment where shows like Mindhunter, Making a Murderer and True Detective are what audiences want in deep-dive crime investigations, Heavy Rain should be a top contender to join those ranks. Be it a TV show or a film, Heavy Rain could be the one glimmer of hope to redeem video game adaptations.

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