7 Amazing Fictional Video Game Cities

5. Los Santos - The Grand Theft Auto Series

BioShock Infinite DLC Burial At Sea

The Grand Theft Auto games are notorious for their amazing cities to explore, Liberty City is one of the most iconic locations in video games, Vice City is an awesome take on Miami and Las Venturas gives Las Vegas itself a run for its money. But the best has to be Los Santos. Los Santos is introduced in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas but heavily expanded upon in Grand Theft Auto V where it becomes the main setting for the game.

Based on Los Angeles, Los Santos is so great because it feels like a real city. People move around living their day to day lives and the city blends seamlessly together. This city is yours to do whatever you want in, you can commit crimes, play tennis, become a taxi driver, go to the movies, go to a strip club, buy properties, I could go on all day.

This city is also huge, being bigger than all three cities in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas combined and is bigger than both Fallout 4's map and Dragon Age: Inquisition's map. So yeah you get a lot of area to run from the police in.


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