7 Best Candidates To Direct A Shadow Of The Colossus Movie

Riding the Colossi to the big screen.

shadow of the colossus
Team ICO

Its already been a decade since Shadow of the Colossus hit the shelves worldwide. The team behind 2001s sensational PS2 title Ico magnificently outdid themselves, with a game that needs to be witnessed in its entirety to be fully believed, an emotional -almost transcending- gaming experience, which, along with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, resides atop the pantheon of the mediums unprecedented masterpieces.

Exceedingly simple in its concept, Shadow of the Colossus tells the epic tale of young Wander (pun absolutely intended) and his journey upon a sacred, long-lost land of immense deserts, vast canyons, and ancient temple ruins, in a desperate attempt to resurrect his loved one, a girl named Mono (also the name of a Japanese post-rock band, which should ideally score this movie; give a listen to their song Legend and youll get the idea). Riding his faithful steed Argo, Wander must search throughout these forbidden wastelands for sixteen creatures of myth, the massive Colossi, whose defeat is the only key to Monos cure.

Since 2009 theres been chattering for an upcoming film adaptation, with several names being dropped (Fant4stics Josh Trank and Mamas Andrs Muschietti among them), but the production has never been able to move ahead. Today, however, with the new Lara Croft casted, with Assassins Creed being one of the most anticipated movies of 2016 and Warcraft already pleasing fans of the saga in cinemas, the landscape seems a bit different. Top studios are recruiting top talent and investing top dollar for video-game movies, which clearly have the potency to become the next big thing in modern Hollywood, alongside super-hero films and remakes.

Its only a matter of time before Shadow of the Colossus is on the spotlight once again. Here are the right people for the job...


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