7 Best Movie Video Games EVERYONE Missed

The best Terminator game you've never played.

terminator resistance
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It might seem like a strange thing today - with every movie tie-in forever goes to mobile as a Temple Run clone - but there was an era where a movie video game was expected, for every blockbuster.

Over the years that's slowly gone away, often due to how big the gulf of production is between a movie and video game. Where the former is usually shot and edited within a two-three year window, your average video game with any sense of visual bluster or fidelity is reaching near half a decade in turnaround.

Factor in script changes, actor swaps or any number of things that are far easier to implement on the movie side wiping out months-worth of effort for a game studio, and it's understandable that movie tie-ins have all but disappeared.

... or have they?

A quick scour of Google will point you towards the upcoming likes of IO Interactive's James Bond and Bethesda/Lucasfilm Games' Indiana Jones, but scan the last few years, divorce movie release dates and there are some bonafide hidden gems just waiting to be played.

With a movie's scheduling pressure out the window, it frees up both expectations and the reality of development to craft something special

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