7 Best Movie Video Games EVERYONE Missed

7. Terminator: Resistance

terminator resistance
Reef Entertainment

A game that possibly has the coolest version of the Terminator theme ever(?) - a slick, dark synthwave take on the iconic Brad Fiedel original - this translates into a neatly atmospheric stealth-shooter that gets way more right than wrong.

I'm phrasing it that way because Terminator: Resistance is far from perfect. Its character animations are the most standout negative, and some set-pieces can look a little clunky, but focusing on those is missing the point.

What Resistance nails is that futuristic battle hellscape art direction we've glimpsed a handful of times in the movies. By taking a ton of inspiration from Terminator 2's opening and running with it, environments are mixes of bombed out buildings and bonfires, Terminator armour glints in the distance, while dusty weapons fire with a satisfying kick, and there's a huge variety of Skynet robots to tear apart.

Stealth is totally serviceable and gets used to make the Terminators feel constantly imposing. Resistance also plays a neat hand with its story, coming across as developers Reef Entertainment genuinely enjoying getting to play around with - and craft their own part of - such a huge mythology.

Lastly there's a DLC - now included on next-gen releases as standard - where you play as a Terminator, lobbing humans into each other, punching people to death and using that super-cool, all-red vision mode from the Guns n' Roses' "You Could Be Mine" music video.

Like I said, a LOT more right than wrong.

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