7 Dead Video Game Franchises That Need A God Of War-Style Reboots

If the Ghost of Sparta can become Dad of the Year, who knows what else could happen.

God Of War Soul Reaver

Almost a month after release, the internet is still ablaze over how spectacular God Of War turned out to be.

Whilst beautiful and jaw-dropping in scope, it was a game that pulled back the reigns of the franchise and delivered something that was refined and surprisingly story-driven, finally allowing players to see Kratos as an emotionally complex character. Whilst this has undoubtedly changed how audiences view God Of War, it's surely an eye-opener to other developers looking to reboot their long-dormant franchises.

God Of War's success on a critical and financial level demonstrates that consumers want new single-player, story-driven experiences that push boundaries. It's proof that the medium is consistently evolving, and we're going to need to see big changes come to our favourite franchises if they have any hope of keeping up with the rising standards of studios like Sony Santa Monica.

Looking at God Of War's monumental redesign, it would be foolish for developers not to take a few pages from its book. Whether switching the mechanics to keep the game fresh, putting a greater emphasis on the world and lore, or diving deeper into an often hollowly portrayed character, it's clear Sony Santa Monica's mythical masterpiece should be a heavy influence on the generation to come.

7. Splinter Cell

God Of War Soul Reaver

It's pretty much confirmed at this point that we're getting a new Splinter Cell come E3 (nice one, Walmart), but we still have no idea what kind of reboot Ubisoft will deliver. What we do know, however, is that Splinter Cell Blacklist financially underperformed for the company despite its critical success, perhaps suggesting that Ubisoft should go back to the drawing board when plotting Sam Fisher's next espionage adventure.

Taking inspiration from God Of War's reinvention would make for a fresh look at the franchise, especially if Ubisoft move forward with an older, grizzled Sam Fisher with a completely original set of mechanics to fit his age. Much like God Of War, having the veteran agent reflecting over his morality stricken career as a trained killer would make for a deeper dive into the character than ever before, giving players a protagonist they can relate to on a more personal level.

Bringing back Michael Ironside would be the cherry on top of the cake, providing fans with a game that stays true to the series roots whilst simultaneously giving new players an inclusive entry point to jump aboard. If there's any company that could benefit from reinventing the formula it's Ubisoft, and Splinter Cell could be just the title to start with.


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