7 Hardest Video Game Mini-Bosses That Wrecked Players

Wait, that WASN'T the boss??

Sekiro shadows die twice
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As we well know by now, video game bosses are the delicious main courses that satiate the hungry gamer's belly, and thanks to their often wildly different offerings in both gameplay and challenge, stand out as the talking points of the entire experience.

Yet sometimes these overblown try-hards can end up sucking the life out things with obtuse mechanics, spines made of pure damage sponge, and cheap one-hit-kill attacks that can leave you hammering out a negative yelp review from atop a porcelain throne.

This glut of video game bosses can sometimes be a buffet of pain we weren't keen on chowing down on, and what we really wanted was a smaller, less boastful battle, and something more like a sorbet experience, short, sharp, and full of zest.

Enter the mini-boss, an enemy that stands apart from the trough of grunts you've been kicking your way through, but for some reason or another has hit a glass ceiling when it comes to being recognized by the game as a full-blown boss battle.

However, trust us on this one, just because they might not be part of that VIP club, doesn't mean they won't Very Immediately Pie you off in short order, as these mini-bosses are absolutely nails.

7. Gunstar Heroes - Curry And Rice

Sekiro shadows die twice

Gunstar Heroes might be a title that might have flown under your radar until now, but trust me when I say that when it comes to 2D action platformers this is pretty much the title to beat in my eyes. It's that good.

From it's delicious visuals, to its outstanding boss rush mentality, Gunstar Heroes never relents with its action and it's a blast to play through from start to finish. However don't be fooled into thinking that it's going to be an easy ride, because there are more than enough bosses and enemies looking to curtail your fun.

And of all of them, the one that sticks out as a swollen boil on my ass is the strangely named Curry And Rice sub-boss, as not only does this thing look like if sausage ice cream was a thing and that thing was !*$% melting into a horror show, but it's a surprisingly deadly encounter that catches a tonne of players completely unaware more often than not.

You see the issue with Curry and Rice is that if you try to jump attack it, then it will likely counter your move and knock you on your ass, and worse still, if you do manage to beat it without issue, you better not be standing next to its head as when it explodes it will one-shot you on most occasions.

Cheers mate, not only do you look like something a dog would cough up, but you're a sore loser as well.


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