7 Hardest Video Game Mini-Bosses That Wrecked Players

6. The Chained Ogre - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro shadows die twice

For a time there was nothing funnier than watching even Dark Souls die-hards get to grips with Sekiro, as here was a game that rewarded aggressive offense more than turtle poking and fat rolling around enemies in order to gaze into their puckered holes, and as you might expect this caused more than a few early deaths even amongst veterans.

Yet unlike a lot of other FromSoftware titles, Sekiro actually contained a relatively gentle learning curve, at least by their standards, with enemies offering up slow and easy to parry attacks, and the early named generals being little more than blocking and timing training dummies.

However s**t truly hit the fans when it came to squaring up against the first Chained Ogre, as this was akin to the devs running alongside you as you rode your first bike without training wheels, clapping and applauding, before suddenly throwing a branch into your spokes causing you to flip over and face grind along the pavement and then spitting on you.

The Chained Ogres placement sees it surrounded by other enemies, making even getting to it a challenge, and even then, its erratic attacks, diving grab attack, and delayed stomps felt so alien that it would incite blind panic. Not helping matters was the fact that the battle takes place on a staircase with a cliff edge to your right, meaning it was entirely possible to fall to your doom while trying to avoid the flurry of fury in front of you.

The Chained Ogre is a rather emblematic enemy of Sekiro, as it was here where the leash really came off this rabid dog.


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