7 Heroic Video Game Sacrifices That Meant NOTHING

Well... that went nowhere.

Bioshock infinite

A lot of video games revolve around the concept of sacrifice, of what the protagonist or player is willing to give up in order to save the world or a loved one, and indeed as a narrative device, it can lead to some of the best stories in the medium.

Yet for ever Modin and Dom who give their lives to help their friends and leave the world a better place, there are more than a handful of examples that for lack of better words, absolutely suck!

Whether it's a character dying only to have their sacrifice wiped away by a new and more powerful enemy, or because it simply causes more problems than it solves, there are some video game characters who would have been better just not getting involved at all (as horrible as that is to say)

With the power of hindsight, all of these video games contain moments of self-sacrifice that were utterly meaningless, and left players scratching their heads, infuriated by their loss, or simply trying to stifle a laugh at how poorly their exit was structured.

7. Jorge - Halo: Reach

Bioshock infinite

Now let's address the elephant in the room that's wearing metallic green armor, technically all of the heroic sacrifices in Halo: Reach come to mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things seeing as Reach definitely falls and the Covenant are very much not slowed down in their sweeping advance at all, however the cream of the crap exits definitely belongs to Jorge.

I say this because the poor fella truly believes that his sacrifice is going to save Reach and that by taking down the Covenant Supercarrier that's bothering the planet, the Covenant will be a thing of the past.

As he urges his team to leave and manually detonates a monstrous techno bomb bigger than No Limit by 2 Unlimited, you can almost feel the smug radiating off of him as he's like "take that middle school teacher who said I'd not amount to anything as I'm saving the bloody human race", however upon detonating he has about, I don't know, seven or eight seconds of glory before the rest of the Covenant forces arrive?

Whew, that was almost TOO much peace and quiet in a Halo game, I was getting worried there!

Bless you, Jorge, you did your best, but your best was....well pathetic.


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