7 Heroic Video Game Sacrifices That Meant NOTHING

6. Pandora - God Of War III

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The God of War series is one absolutely littered with sacrifices, but thanks to the very aggressive nature of Kratos and the selfishness of the other gods, very few of these could have the word "heroic" attached to them.

Especially that time that you burned a dude alive in a cage just to open a bloody door. Dick move Kratos.

Still, there is one moment in God Of War III that is both heroic and completely pointless which comes in the form of Pandora's sacrifice in order to open the box sharing her name. During a climactic fight between Kratos and Zeus (and let's be honest is there any other kind containing these two?) Pandora realizes that the only way that Kratos can end the fight is to open the box and use the power inside. Throughout the game, it's never been made clear what exactly is within the chest, but boy howdy do you want it to knock Zeus's jaw right around his head Daffy Duck style.

However, upon deleting herself from existence, Kratos approaches the box to find it completely and utterly empty with the implication being that the only thing capable of defeating Zeus was the power of Hope itself, something which is later revealed to have been within Kratos all along.

Now I have many questions about this, mainly WHAT?! but also "why was the most protected box in all of existence devoid of anything at all?" Hell, I would have taken a letter opener over the UK's arts and theatre spending budget.


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