7 Horror Comics That Would Make Incredible Video Games

Two words: Vampire Batman.

In many ways video games are the ideal medium for crafting horror stories - by giving players direct control of a character's actions, developers bridge the gap between spectator and participant, establishing an extraordinarily conducive avenue through which to channel terror. It's so much harder to convince yourself of your own safety when the adrenaline pumping through your veins argues otherwise - shouts of "look behind you" lose all meaning when the difference between life and death lies in your own ability to make that fateful 180°. By contrast, devising horror without the benefits of sound effects, eerie music or player agency calls for a more surgical hand - it's not easy to generate fear when your tools are limited to speech bubbles and splash pages. It takes a keen sense of pacing and atmosphere to really stab at those emotional triggers, and the scariest comics are the ones that know how to grab you by the throat and pull you through the gaping maw of the terror that lies between the pages. And when you pair up the interactivity of the digital realm with the potency of panel by panel storytelling, sparks fly. Not every horror comic is suited for the transition to gameplay - indeed, some stories can only exist between those delectable covers - but sometimes it's just a matter of finding the right angle and going from there.
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