7 Important Video Game Questions Answered YEARS Later

Video game mysteries SOLVED.

Assassin's Creed desmond

Designing a whole world of interactive fiction is HARD. Either you have people like Hideo Kojima who have various notepads of scribbles built up for years, thereby birthing the entirety of Death Stranding's nomenclature and rulesets in an afternoon, or you'll have to treat that thing like a rolling snowball:

Establish a solid enough core, and wait for it to get bigger and more propulsive as momentum takes hold.

The bigger the lore and mythology, the more questions come from an increasingly interested set of fans, and couple that with an industry that has many franchises now in the double-digits of sequels, and there's a ton to talk about.

The latter process is easily the most common, and with video game budgets, project ideas and even the lifespan of development studios changing wildly day in, day out, sometimes you're only in a position to give said answer whatsoever, when enough time has passed.

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