7 Kinect Disasters That Ruined Motion Controlled Gaming

...and Microsoft still expects us to care about the future of motion controlled gaming?

Kinect Star War Microsoft€™s Kinect motion gaming system has been torn to pieces since the moment it landed on store shelves. Perhaps we expected too much. But who could blame us? Go back and have a look at the marketing hype that Microsoft kicked up in the pre-release build-up. Go and watch Peter Molyneux giving us this Minority Report fantasy where we control the future with our fingertips. Watch as the Milo & Kate project convinces us that we€™ll soon be interacting with virtual friends so authentic that it will be safe to cut off ties with our real life acquaintances altogether. And then watch as we are flung back to reality, lurching through all manner of horrifying Kinect nightmares. Sludgy, barely playable garbage or blatant cash-ins by developers trying to jump on the motion control bandwagon which many believe had already rumbled past. And then, to compound the problem, developers still expected us to renovate our homes to make enough open area for the damn thing to register our presence in the first place. For some of these games you were only properly catered for if you lived in an aircraft hangar. Over the years since launch we€™ve been treated to a host of essentially broken games which somehow passed quality control, so let€™s have a look at a few of the worst offenders €“ releases which had us weeping woefully with each misread control gesture, and panting with frustration as we flailed madly through yet another rubbish sports game; the releases which sucked the life out of dance rhythm gaming with near-nonexistent motion detection; and the games which just left us feeling really stupid, standing alone in front of our televisions, tearfully wishing for the good old days when we could just sit on the couch and play proper video games. By now Kinect is all but redundant - it's not without reason that Microsoft saw fit to backtrack on the compulsory inclusion of the updated version with all Xbox One consoles - and these games are some of main culprits which saw people lose faith in the technology.

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