7 Most Destructive Video Game Shotguns

This... is my boomstick.

Id Software

Of all the arsenal of video game weaponry, meted out to combat the enemy hordes, one stands out as the pinnacle: the shotgun.

Sure, there’s always a new hotness coming along - various death rays and disintegrators - but the shotgun doesn’t worry, safe in the knowledge it will never go out of style; it’s the tuxedo of guns.

Simple and devastating, shotguns reward players who gamble, getting close and personal with enemies in exchange for terrifying firepower.

The shotgun laughs at the pinpoint accuracy required by other weapons. Instead it just asks you to vaguely point and click in the direction of your foe - and poof - they’re gone!

The games that rightfully celebrate this wondrous weapon are plentiful, and you can tell when a developer has lavished love and attention on its design, getting the look, feel, and sound just right; every pull of the trigger should feel like you’re unleashing a thunderbolt.

Alternatively, some shotguns are disappointing. Even at point-blank range these miserable weapons barely leave a scratch - this is a heinous crime to us shotgun fans!

So, let’s take a look at the games that have gotten the shotgun right.

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