7 Most Disappointing Video Game Crossovers

Lego Dimensions had so much potential...

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite

There are few things more exciting than a good old crossover. The idea of our favourite characters meeting up, fighting one another, and exchanging one-liners is just really appealing - it brings out the inner-child in everybody.

Whilst a thing in every medium, crossovers are especially prevalent in video games. With the popularity of games like the Super Smash Bros. series everybody wants a slice of that crossover pie, which means we get a constant stream of them.

The thing is, video games might be the hardest medium to do this in. When it comes to letting two or more video game franchises meet, you either need to find a nice mix of their gameplay styles or think of something completely new that fits all the characters involved. (Or you know, just make a fighting game.)

Even if characters outside of gaming are meeting up in a video game it's still complicated. Corporations are so picky about how their characters are represented which is a pain in a two-hour crossover movie but is even worse when you're juggling numerous properties in your 20-hour video game.

So yeah, it makes sense that so many video game crossovers are really disappointing - it's because they're a nightmare to develop.

7. Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite
Midway Games/Warner Bros.

Clearly made in response to the far better Marvel vs. Capcom series, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is just sad. It's not the worst thing ever but the gameplay just isn't as good as most Mortal Kombat games and without the ultra-violence of the series it just doesn't feel right.

It just doesn't have any of that Mortal Kombat flair, with the most notable example being the absence of the series' signature fatalities. The fatalities in the main games often involve ripping somebodies spine out - here they involve giving somebody a gentle punch.

If you want to argue that the game couldn't feature any interesting finishing moves due to it not wanting to be too violent then just look at the Injustice games. They are about as violent as this game yet actually have fun powerful attacks with the super moves. Examples of super moves include Superman punching somebody into space and The Flash running his enemy throughout time to deal damage. Even without the ultra-violence, they could have been more creative.

It also only has 22 characters which just isn't very much and adds to the general aura of disappointment that surrounds the title.


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