7 Reasons Bloodborne Is The Game Of The Generation

So many stunning games, but none hold a candle to Bloodborne.

Bloodborne screen

With the sun setting on another generation of consoles across 2020, thoughts are bound to begin turning toward towards its brightest moments.

There are of course plenty games to come that could still be the finest things we've ever played (looking at you, Cyberpunk), but for the moment it’s worth considering the myriad of stunning games we’ve been graced with so far.

None stand out so glaringly as From Software’s Lovecraftian masterpiece Bloodborne.

FromSoft have been on a career-defining role this generation, and Bloodborne is their shining light. The fast-paced, frantic action is a welcome change from Dark Souls' focus on patiently waiting for your opportunities to strike, and more enjoyable than Sekiro's timing-based parry system. It is a game not short on admirers since its release in 2015, and once you've invested the time, it's almost impossible not to share this admiration.

Let me know what you think down in the comments below, because while the competition might be fierce, Bloodborne stands head and shoulders above the rest, for all sorts of reasons.

7. That Famous FromSoft Challenge

Bloodborne screen

If there’s one thing people know about From Software as a studiom it’s that they get their kicks from torturing gamers with hair-tearing, head-sinking obstacles to overcome - which we as fans lap up with frustrated glee.

Bloodborne absolute nails this.

It is a game which delivers FromSoft's unmatched sense of accomplishment for every challenge overcome, without every feeling unfair. It rewards players for enduring and learning from their mistakes, and it's a true euphoric sense of relief when ‘Prey Slaughtered’ washes across your screen, as that boss you’ve been stuck on for weeks finally hits the ground.

It becomes a feeling you crave, like a blood drunk beast you can't help but cut and slice your way through all manner of creature that Yharnam has to throw at you.

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