7 Shocking Video Game President Cameos You Totally Missed

OBAMA?! What are you doing here??

Obama mercenaries 2

In this modern-day and age, when one can look out of their windows and see the world burning to the ground around them, there's never been a better time to try a bit of good old escapism through the medium of video games.

While it might not solve any of the problems going on in a larger sense, it's a good way of blowing off some steam and separating reality from fiction for a while as you internally make sense of things.

That is unless the video game you're playing suddenly pops in a cameo from a real-life world leader and messes with the balance somewhat.

Suddenly your adventure to slay the bog-witch of Almodoon is looking a lot less mythical and magic when Al Gore is propping up a seed stall trying to sell you fertilizer for your farm. AL!! The towns under attack by fetid swamp creatures! WHY ARE YOU HERE?!

From presidents who wanted punch ups, to those sworn into office slam dunking on you, these are world leaders who invaded our video games in the weirdest, and sometimes best possible ways.

7. Abraham Lincoln - Fight Club

Obama mercenaries 2
Genuine Games

Remember back in the day when video game unlocks were a thing? Where you didn't have to shell out money on top of the wad you'd just dropped on a game to actually get more content out of it? Bizarre right?

Well my friends, that's nowhere near as bizarre as what players found themselves presented with for completing Fight Club on the PS2 with all of the other characters, as now, for some UNGODLY REASON, they were able to beat peoples faces in as the one and only ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

Reading that sentence aloud never gets any less strange. Why Abe Lincoln? Why Fight Club? Why....in general? it's all a little too much to take in. Then again this is a title that also includes the likes of Fred Durst as a playable character so I guess ABE AND DIRTY DURST ARE ON THE SAME LEVEL RIGHT?

Remember that the original source material was meant to be a take on machoism, of internal male frustrations and their possible homoerotic connections, of course this was going to boil down to the lead singer of Limp Bizkit and the 16th U.S president fighting in an underground meat locker, SORRY DID I SKIP A FEW PAGES.


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