7 Sports Which Are Underrepresented In Video Games

Which of these sports should be the next AAA title?


Different sports have been adapted into video games since their pioneering of the medium. The competitive nature of video games gives off the same atmosphere as sports, so translating that into gaming was an easy way to make a constant draw on the market. Despite the wide amount of sports on offer, however, the video games industry seems to focus on the same mainstream favourites.

Association football, American football, basketball, baseball and golf all see yearly releases featuring the latest players, or based around the most recent tournaments. As well as this, a variety of fighting games based around boxing, wrestling and MMA are also released consistently.

Because of this, there are a vast number of sports which see almost no representation in the world of video games. While the limited nature of certain sports stops them from being as popular as others, there are many sports which feature that same competitive atmosphere to that of association football or basketball.

Many of these sports have large audiences which the video game industry has yet to tap into. These are seven which are currently underrepresented in gaming, leaving a hole in the market that fans would love to see filled.

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