7 Sports Which Are Underrepresented In Video Games

6. Horse Racing

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There are a variety of different equestrian sports that are practiced globally. While horse racing has never been featured at events like the Olympics, in favour of other equestrian sports such as dressage and show jumping, there is still a wide fan base for different horse racing competitions. The Grand National in the UK and the Kentucky Derby in the United States are some of the most recognised equestrian sporting events.

There are four main types of horse racing that don’t require the use of additional apparatus. These are flat racing, point-to-point, steeplechase and thoroughbred. Two additional main variations of horse racing exist, which are harness racing, where the jockey is pulled in a two wheeled cart behind the horse, and skijoring, where the jockey is pulled along on skis by the horse.

The game Rival Stars Horse Racing, released in 2020 on Steam, is the only modern horse racing game on the market. It offers a wide experience, including online multiplayer as well as the option to restore and manage your own horse ranch, and has received positive reviews.

Despite this title being a popular outlet for the sport, the focus on breeding rather than the racing element might turn away certain players. Games like the G1 Jockey franchise, which had its final release in 2007, focused more heavily on the racing element, which newer horse racing titles tend to stray away from.

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