7 TERRIBLE Video Games That Made The Industry Better

Why do we fall, gaming industry?

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Jon Bernthal

Of all the terms associated with the gaming industry - "blockbuster", "immersive", "high-octane" etc. - one that anyone on the consumer side will have a million stories to go alongside, is "failure".

Whilst it didn't used to be associated with gaming across the 90s and 2000s, the 2010s saw the proliferation of broadband connections, post-launch patches, games receiving updates months or years after hitting retail. It didn't take long for companies to exploit that.

Where in decades gone by, you had nail your final game build; had to make sure as many bugs and issues were quashed, now you can release a day one patch, or otherwise "get round to it" when it's more feasible.

As mentioned, this is an issue endemic to the current generation, and it lay the groundwork for some monumental failures to eventually take all the blame. Some were sticks that broke our collective backs; shouldering so many half-baked releases in a row, and others are straight-up dog piles of obviously unfinished assets being impossible to tolerate.

Thankfully, as we're on the cusp of seeing what the PS5 and Xbox Series X can do, you want to believe the industry has learned from all their mistakes so far.

Still, like Bruce Wayne at the bottom of that well, gaming had to take one hell of a fall first.

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