7 Terrible Video Games You MUST Play

So Bad They're BRILLIANT!

Demolition Girl
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Some video games are destined to be remembered for all of eternity as milestones of the industry. Some will be held aloft as redefining what a video game can be, others for being the first to forge their way into the future with groundbreaking mechanics or in how to present a compelling narrative.

The games on this list, however? Not so much.

The collection that we've curated for you today doesn't so much represent the industry running on a full head of steam, but more of times where it simply had its head up its own ass. Terrible graphics, abysmal gameplay, woeful dialogue, all mixed together into offerings that cut the cheese rather than the mustard.

And yet, something about them persists, something unique, something so utterly, incredulously alluring, despite its terrible presentation that sticks with us for hours, days, or weeks after. They could be utterly flawed in so many areas, but in just one they are somehow perfect, like a quagmire that sprouts a single rose.

So let's dive into this swamp and find the gems encrusted in filth today as these are Terrible Video Games YOU MUST PLAY!

(Side Note: I'm not covering Deadly Premonition as that game is perfect AND I DEFY ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE)

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7. Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing

Demolition Girl
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Sometimes, much like my own upbringing, so many things can go wrong that things actually come full circle into working out for the best, and I truly believe this to be the case of Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing, which by all accounts should be the worst driving game OF ALL TIME, yet somehow ends up being a laugh riot from start to finish.

In what feels like it was programmed over the course of a Game Jam session by a person on the comedown of their lives, Big Rigs fails at almost every conceivable level. The A.I for example flat out doesn't work, to the extent, you literally can't lose in some instances. The buildings and towns you race through have no hit detection so you can pass right through them, hell the bridges in this game do the same and let you pass under them entirely making the "Over The Road" part of the title highly ironic! Yet best of all, if you choose to reverse you'll find the dev didn't put a speed limiter meaning you can ratchet up your speed to hundreds of miles an hour, screaming backward into an endless void as of course there are no level boundaries.

Oh and the victory screen IS SPELLED WRONG. You can't make this up.

It's a marvelous mess of a game and should be, by all accounts one of the most hated experiences you can play as this really does represent everything we should despise about game design. And yet, it's just so utterly broken that it becomes a one-of-a-kind experience that is downright hilarious.

And get this, there's a sequel in the works.

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